The Most Awkward Man in the World

Meet Miles B.J. MacDonald-Hamburger: the most awkward man in the world. Although many people take him for stupid, he's not really; he just has wretched self-confidence, a knack for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, and unbelievably poor hand-eye coordination. He is a man full of fears and doubts which are often if not always realized.

Let's all watch. He wants it that way... honest.

This webcomic is updated on Mondays.

There is a graphic novel in the works. I'm thinking of calling it Awkward Man Ruins a Graphic Novel. In a typical postapocalyptic graphic novel future, with hardened characters fighting off hordes of monsters, Miles is certainly a man out of genre. It's gonna be fun.

Awkward Man is created by Sarah "The Bearded Woman" Silvey. Guest comics by Hannah "Happycat" Portwood.

DISCLAIMER: These comics are not at all based on real life situations. Please believe that the author is as smooth an operator as you would ever meet and is not prone to knife-dropping, shin-cracking, or word salads. Please believe that. Someone has got to.